1. Bruce Bergmann – Founder & CEO
    • Visionary leader and founder, Bruce, brings a wealth of experience in the travel industry. His dedication to redefining travel has shaped the BarnHotel.co.uk experience.
  2. Fred Ruiz – Content Curator
    • As our Content Curator, Fred ensures that every piece of content reflects the essence of adventure and excellence that defines BarnHotel.co.uk.
  3. Rachel Auzenne – Customer Experience Specialist
    • Rachel is your go-to for ensuring your travel dreams are met. As our Customer Experience Specialist, they are dedicated to making your journey as smooth as possible.
  4. Esther Hart – Marketing Maven
    • Esther is the driving force behind our marketing efforts, ensuring that the world knows about the unique and unforgettable experiences offered by BarnHotel.co.uk.